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Gay Games I San Francisco

Event Results

114.5 lbs
Gold: Brian| Sujata, GGWC, San Francisco

125.5 lbs
Gold: Peter Gomez, GGWC, San Francisco

136.5 lbs
Gold: Larry Blakely, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: Neil Marshall, GGWC, San Francisco
Bronze: Gene Dermody, New York City*

149.5 lbs
Gold: Don Jung, GGWC, San Francisco*
Silver: John Thayer, SCWC, North Hollywood, California
Bronze: Scott Velliquette, SCWC, Los Angeles

163 lbs
Gold: J. Montgomery, Sacramento CA
Silver: Randy Jansen, Middlebury, Vermont
Bronze: Gary Lonien, GGWC, San Francisco

180.5 lbs
Gold: R. Wright, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: T. Brown, San Jose
Bronze: E. Phillips, New York City

198 lbs
Gold: Cliff Brown, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: Frank Reid, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bronze: Marty Orlando, San Jose

220 lbs
Gold: W. Nuyens, Brussels, Belgium
Silver: Clark Niblock, San Antonio, Texas
Bronze: A. Lewis, GGWC, San Francisco

Gold: Jamie Runyan, SCWC, Downey, CA


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