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Wrestlers Without Borders (WWB) membership is open to individuals and legitimate wrestling clubs who have demonstrated a commitment to wrestlers of all ages, race, gender or orientations in a safe, non-elitist environment and who adhere to the policies and procedures as set forth by United World Wrestling. We also represent our member clubs as a voting delegate to the Federation of Gay Games and assist in planning Gay Games wrestling tournaments, In 2006, WWB was reincorporated to broaden its mission beyond the FGG.

Membership benefits include:

  • A WWB home page for listing your club

  • Internet search listings on our website

  • Voting capacity in WWB decisions (for board members)

  • Voting capacity in selecting the Gay Games Host (for board members)

  • A voice in WWB discussions (all members)

  • Notification of WWB club-sponsored clinics, tournaments, and other events

  • Use of WWB's communications and social media services


Wrestlers Without Borders encourages other LGBT-friendly wrestling and grappling clubs from around the world to apply for WWB membership. We are looking to increase our network of wrestling clubs in advance of the 2023 Guadalajara Gay Games XI.

For information or to apply for membership, contact Chairman Chris Lorefice.

Wrestlers who are members of a WWB board or affiliate organization will receive all WWB benefits and do not need to apply for an individual affiliate membership. Individuals who are not memberrs of a WWB club may apply for an individual membership, either as a board member or as an affiliate member. Applications are subject to WWB board approval.

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